There are guitar players and then there is Jimi Hendrix.   He has made the top of the Rolling Stones list of the top 100 guitarists in the world.  So what company is Jimi keeping?  Other greats like Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton and Keith Richards to name a few in the top five.  Some old school guitarists like BB King and Chuck Berry.

Pete Townshend who himself is a great guitarist,  says "What he played was f****** loud but also incredibly lyrical and expert."  "He was shy and kind and sweet, and he was f***** up and insecure. If you were as lucky as I was, you'd spend a few hours with him after a gig and watch him descend out of this incredibly colorful, energized face."

Of course, Jimi left us way too early.  But his music lives on.  Make no mistake.  No one can replace Jimi, but there are many who try to mach what he did not only on stage but in the recording  sessions as well.
Rolling Stone