It looks as if the laundry list of elitists out in Hollywood is starting to come around and see the "big picture" problematic issues with President Obama's legacy building Affordable Care Act. While I wouldn't put Jimmy Kimmel on that list of "celebrities," he is one of Hollywood's most level headed voices in a very liberal town. Now, before you go off thinking you and I are talking politics, we're not. I'm talking about another personality in the media that doesn't seem to pander a fanboy attitude to political issues he supports. He's sort of like a John Stewart, but not as relevant or funny.

Back on topic, the headline that grabbed my attention was "Jimmy Kimmel Slams Obamacare," and as I'm a huge fan of handing out the butthurt to people, I couldn't resist clicking through. What happened next was a very well thought out process of polite and humorous criticism. Not exactly the "slam" I was planning on watching. Still quite hilarious