So Critter's always giving me crap about the Z94 studios being haunted. I, being the logical one in the bunch, call BS every time. We finally settle it when we go ghost hunting.

For years I've heard people around the office talk about a female ghost that roams the hallways and offices here at the downtown Z94 studios. Though, I can't say I've ever given it any thought.

Almost everyone working here has admitted to hearing some wild stuff from time to time, but with a little logic, we can debunk almost every instance. Yes, the building is a little old, so it creaks a little. Adding in the parking garage basement, sounds tend to carry through the steel and concrete floor. Science bitch.

So, after years of debating whether ghosts are real or not, we decided to set up a camera and let it roll all night long. While it's still debatable, we definitely caught something on camera.