Recently Kevin Systrom sold his company Instagram to Facebook for one billion dollars. Instagram is a photo sharing app that made it's debut about eighteen months ago. The app now boasts over thirty million users and until it was sold to Facebook never really made any money. Systrom has become an instant billionaire almost over night. While the complete details of the sell are unknown as far as the exact cash amount with stock options. One thing's for sure Kevin Systrom is now a very, very wealthy man.

Being only twenty eight years old Systrom could be the youngest billionaire ever, other than those who inherited mass sums of wealth. I wouldn't expect the money to change him much, he seems to be the same guy despite his new billionaire status. Recently a reporter asked him about the sell and his new found wealth, his response was absolutely hilarious! I'm not 100% sure if this is real or not, but if it is Kevin Systrom is the man!