As we all suspected, President Obama was not the brains behind the Affordable Care Act... It was in fact the "dear leader" himself, North Korean Supreme Commander Kim Jong-un. At least, that's what that violent little turd would have you believe. But this is America, and we're smarter than to that. We don't buy into 'propaganda' and junk, we miraculously know things like this. It's not that we're super involved with world politics, but facebook sure does make it easy. It's kind of like how the positrac on a '68 Plymouth works... nobody really knows, it just does.

Getting back on track, this is where we are. North Korea's PONK (President of North Korea) Kim Jong-un is taking this credit when everyone knows it's not his to take. It's common knowledge that he lacks the independent and critical thinking process to coin such an idea as the "Affordable Care Act". So why aren't the North Korean people correcting this grave and inexplicable falseness? I mean, once you get near the dear leader, and the firing line, and the rabid execution dogs, it can't be that hard to correct the guy right?

We all know who came up with the idea of "Obamacare", and credit is due where it's earned. Kim Jong-un should credit his father and "dearest leader" Kim Jong-il. He tried to influence it back in the 90's, but Hillary went off being all "crazy bitch" and it fell off Congress' floor. It is a history that will never make the books, but at least we'll know the truth.

In the future, when you tell your kids about Obamacare, (provided you haven't been sterilized for the preservation of the species) be sure to give credit where it's due, for we could not have achieved such greatness without the hard work and dedication of North Korea.


(Congrats! We just made the NSA Spy-List together!)