Thanks to that moody b!t@# Mother Nature Super Bowl Sunday is looking a lot more like the Winter Olympics! By now surely you've looked out the front door or window and witnessed the Snowpocalypse. All of Lawton, Ft. Sill is covered in snow and not just a little, it dumped about a foot of the white stuff overnight at least on the East side of town.

Like everyone else I had big plans for the big game, had plans that is. Well I guess I'll have to plan to to change my plans! With the weather conditions being what they are there won't be a Super Bowl party that's for sure. We had planned for a big get together but the best thing for everyone is to stay home and off the roads unless it's absolutely necessary. It's not worth risking life, limb and vehicle! The roads are completely covered and not just with snow. Late last night it started sleeting then snowing which means there's lots of ice on the roads as well. Sure on top it looks fine, but under the snow it's solid ice already.

A sad, sad sight on Super Bowl Sunday!

I'd urge each of you to stay put and off the roads. While I don't doubt your driving skills the roads are over run with amateurs who will ruin your day, possibly your life. Again it's just not worth it. Police, fire and the Comanche County Emergency Management team warns against any travel and for what should be very obvious reasons. So take their advise and don't be an idiot!

I hope you took full advantage of what descent weather we had in the days leading up to the Snowpocalypse to stock up, especially the bread and milk! If not then you're pretty much screwed! Since we were planning on having a Super Bowl party I'm good to go.

The Winter Wonderland that is my backyard!

While I might not have a lot of bread and milk, I've got plenty of chips, pretzels, cookies, Little Smokies, hotdogs, pizza rolls and enough chili, beans and Rico nacho cheese to make it through an entire month if I have to. I'll be living on chilli cheese Nachos for the next few days. I pity my poor family as they'll have to endure the after effects of my diet.

It sucks that the weather screwed with everyone's plans for Super Bowl Sunday, but we've decided to make the best of it. Me and my daughter Liberty have been playing in the snow and taking our dogs Kiko and Pepper outside in shifts. You can only handle the cold for so long, or at least I can only handle it for so long before it's time to head in the house to get warm. Now I tried to get my son Garrett and wife Cyndi in on the action but they decided to stay indoors where it's warm. Sooner of later they'll venture out and I'll be there with snowballs at the ready! In the meantime it's just Liberty the dogs and me.

Here's a quick video of what we've been up to. The girl just had to have video evidence and certainly isn't camera shy in the least. I couldn't resist, so with phone in hand we went out back and had a little fun. I'm sure I'll be dragged out several more times in the next few days. Gotta love the snow days...Or NOT!