As we all anxiously wait for the new Star Wars Episode VII to be released we have to settle for whatever news, pictures and details about the new film we can get. As luck would have it there's a short segment of film that's been leaked that gives some insight on what the next Star Wars will have in store for us.

Looks like the Empire will relocate to earth and set up operations in Germany. Hit play and check out this amazing footage! Hopefully it'll be in theaters on time, it's suppose to be released on  (12-18-15)

Obviously it's a joke, but it's still pretty cool. I can't wait to see the new movie hopefully they'll be able to stay on track and wrap up filming soon. In the meantime fans of the franchise will continue to express their excitement by doing things like this. You have to give it to Frank Wunderlich for putting this clip together, he obviously spent a lot of time on it and as a Star Wars fan I appreciate it. If anything else it;'s funny and entertaining.