It has been too long since we had a rain system roll through Texoma, let's hope it lingers for a while longer. Still, we're not getting out of the drought even after a few inches.

My family over in Hollis are saying they've had over four inches in the last few days, which is almost unbelievable since they've barely had four inches in the last year or so. Lawton needed it just as bad.

Now, while my palm tree pots are filled to the brim with water, the ground is relatively damp. Having done a little fencing a few weeks ago, I know for a fact there wasn't much moisture in the soil as deep as four feet. Like a spongy little twinkie, the ground seems to have soaked all that rain up.

That's good and decent news for all of us, but there's always a downside. I can just see my lawn needing some serious mowing in a few days. Add in the extremely low lake levels, and still not enough rain to fill them up, I'm just a sad little fisher looking to launch a boat.

Hell, if it weren't for Rocklahoma, I'd almost be sad I missed all the rain. There's nothing better than a rainy day inside, napping to the rumble of thunder, coming out of a weather coma to the crack of lightning... It's pretty much the greatest thing in the world.