The Pop Group LMFAO has been on every radio station around the country, and recently made an apperence on ABC’s Good Morning America. However, the duo found time to visit a home in Riverside, California that was decorated “Party Rock Style” to see the light show first-hand. Kevin Judd has become an Internet sensation after planning his Halloween Light Show 2011 around the group’s summer anthem, Party Rock Anthem. Almost six million people have checked out the spectacular on YouTube, and the group, LMFAO, was drawn to the house to see it first-hand.



Bandmates Sky Blu and Redfoo took time to watch the light show and then pose for pictures with the family that designed the light show, and their neighbors. I’m glad the group took time to pose with the neighbors in this neighborhood as I am quiet certain they too endured a headache from this display.

If you have not seen the video we are talking about in the blog here, check this out!! Quiet Amazing!!