This week's in studio guest on "Local Licks @ Six" is none other than Lawton's own Komatryp. The guys were nice enough to stop by the studios for a quick visit before they hit the road to Norman, OK. They'll be performing live tonight (02-03-12) at the Hidden Castle for Big Papa's Birthday bash! Sharing the stage with Turbid North, Chronicles Of Mayhem & Switchblade Rosie. It's gonna be a hell of a show!

Komatryp has to be one of, if not the most established metal act in Lawton, Fort Sill. They've been around for 10 plus years. Sure the line-up has changed a few times throughout the years but the core of the band & it's unique sound remains the same. They describe their music as "Metal Junkyard Groove" give it a listen and you'll agree! It's kind of a Southern death metal blend that stands out in the scene & the metal genre as a whole. It's all here: Kick ass riffs, a bangin' low end, thundering drums & killer vocals all mixed together in a tsunami of pure piss & vinegar! The guys were recently a part of the Project Independent metal showcase battling it out with thousands of other bands from across the Nation. While they might not have won this year's contest they did place 13th which is pretty damn good, that's in the top 5% of those artists that competed! Komatryp was the only band from Oklahoma & were even featured during a news segment on Channel 7  about the contest:

There's always next year! During our visit the guys announced an upcoming self titled release which will be out later this year, looking forward to it. All the songs that were played on "Local Licks @ Six" came from "Anger Damagement" 7 neck breaking tracks of pure metal bliss! If you liked what you heard hit up their site to get your hands on a copy. You can also check 'em out on Facebook, My Space or twitter

In case you missed it here's the interview with Komatryp on "Local Licks @ Six" plus all the band's music that was featured on the show. Enjoy!






"Unleash The Angry" TRACK #01

"Killer on a Rampage" TRACK #02

"Spill Some Blood, Break Some Bones" TRACK #03

Komatryp is: Mike Lorentz (Vocals) Bigg Roy Driggers (Guitar) Clanton Miller (Bass) & Nani Vissepo (Drums) the bio on their official site gives you an ideal of just who you're dealing with:

"From nothing, I have become!" No other words spoken could be truer for Komatryp. Hailing from Lawton's very own Zone One and the rural country side of Cache, Komatryp is made up of Mike Lorentz on vocals, Roy Driggers on guitar, Clanton Miller on bass, and Nani Vissepo on drums. Created in 2001, polished in 07, Komatryp have been keeping heavy metal alive in Lawton for nearly ten years. But, to call them heavy metal is only one part of the equation. Komatryp being two parts Native American, one part Samoan, and one part Puerto Rican allows them to bring something to the stage they can call their own. Listeners can't quite put their finger on what it is, but they know it's something different. That something different can only be described as Junkyard Groove.



I'd like to thank Komatryp for stopping by despite being pressed for time having a gig tonight. Wish the hell I could make the trip to Norman for the show. If like myself you were unable to make the trip you'll have other opportunities to see the band live, maybe at the Railhead sometime soon. To stay up to date with the band, their touring schedule & for various forms of merch & music visit the official site You can also check in with Komatryp on Facebook, My Space or Twitter as well.

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