Well it is bound to happen to people at some point in their life and I guess it was just my turn. Yes, my home was broken into while on the  air entertaining the rockin' masses of Lawton/Fort Sill. While it sucks that this has occurred the joke is kind of on the jackass(es) who took my stuff. Want to know why?

Well here is what I came home to the other day. I walk in and immediately notice that my house is very warm and simultaneously notice that my TV in the living room is gone. I sprint to the backdoor which had been opened by the intruder(s) and of course I see no one. Next , I sprint back inside to find my dog locked in the front office of my home, don't worry he is okay a few dog treats and his universe was realigned, I call Lawton's finest to report the incident. I then walk around to stock of missing items. While the TV being taken sucks I notice that in the haste of intruders actions they did not take a single component of the entertainment system. Here is where the joke is on the moronic a-holes that took my stuff.  Notice the image to the left that is a rearview of my TV. Why is this important to note you


ask? Well, those two inputs labelled black/white are supposed to connect to the brain unit of the TV and without this brain unit the TV won't even turn on. So congratulations idiots you just took a really heavy shiny paperweight, enjoy!!!

Now, the more upsetting news is the "Richard Noggins" that violated my homestead managed to swipe my Ibanez Joe Satriani JS100TR which was given to me by my dad as a birthday gift many years back.


I am going to venture that the pieces of rat excrement don't even know how to play guitar. So metallers of Lawton/Ft. Sill if you see a couple idiots trying to fence a TV that won't turn on or JS100 Transparent Red guitar let me know because most likely that is my stuff! I feel like Mel Gibson in the movie 'Ransom' as he turned the tables on Gary Sinise...just without the crazy anti-semetic rants of his personal life. The other thing I came to notice a short time later was that the intruders rifled through my underwear and sock drawer. Seriously?! Who in the hell hides valuables in the sock drawers anymore? Multiple reports, studies, and exposes` have been done that show this the first place that criminals look when searching your home. Hope they liked fondling my undies??? Oh, I almost forgot they took my DirecTV remote but didn't take the remote to the TV, good job tards! Luckily, because it had rained in the morning the other day and I have tile in my home there were several footprints that could be lifted for evidence along with a set of fingerprints on a glass table. Though, the coup de gras is that the person or persons who broke in to my home kindly left the Kobalt 12" screwdriver that was used to gain access to my home on the kitchen counter for the police to put into evidence.