Game on! Join Z94 at Laugh Out Loud 6720 Quannah Parker Trailway for our Madden 13 gaming tournament brought to you by Game King, Monster Energy Drink, Rains T.V. Furniture and Appliance, EZ GO, E.A.C. Computers and L.O.L.

Congrats to all our round one winners: Anthony Maietha, Kenneth Roseberry, Brandon Salas, Kyle Bush, Micheal Jeantat, Kyle Smith, Robert Woods, Phillip Gillian, Raymond Nunez, Bryce Laymance, Dillon Sutherland and A.J. King.

So far the Green Bay Packers, San Fransisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens are the favorite teams being played here at the tournament. Round two action is about to get underway so come on out and cheer on your favorite players and teams!  Winners take home cash, prizes and bragging rights! While you're here stop by the Monster Energy Drink booth and sample some of their new flavors. Shotgun Steve Kelly has had his limit!