Ladies leave your boyfriends and husbands to babysit the kids and you head to the nearest movie theater with your girlfriends to see ‘Magic Mike.’ On June 29, the hottest movie of the summer promises two full hours of well build and full body waxed male strippers dancing for you! Check out the super hot movie trailer if you dare!

The movie is based on Channing Tatum’s real life, you know the one he had before making it big. Hold on what? Yeah Tatum was a male stripper before he became a Hollywood actor – I guess we are not surprised to hear that, we’ve heard worst when it comes to Hollywood.

The movie plot revolves around Mike (Tatum) who meets a young college dropout named Adam (Alex Pettyfer) and decides to introduce the newbie to the world of stripping, boozing and ladies. The movie also shows the male stripper rituals before they take the stage every nigh – hey, it’s a difficult job and someone has to do it. Oh yeah I almost forgot – Mike has a major crush on Adam’s sister Brook (Cody Horn).

Watch the sexy movie trailer!

Are you going?