(Note to all aspiring party gamers: Your friend is NOT William Tell, so NEVER try to do this at home, in a basement, anywhere.)

The nice folks in the video above were having your normal basement party: cheap beer, a pool table, a dartboard and, of course, some Lynyrd Skynyrd. One guy decided that he could hit a beer can with a dart while it was positioned on top of his pal's head. Our confident marksman had his fearless friend sit in front of the dartboard just to get him in the proper frame of mind for the magic to happen.

Annddd voila!…a dart to the head.

Between the beer and the Southern rock, we're lucky the guy didn't try to take the can off his friend's noggin with a bow and arrow or a gun. Seriously, even in a sober environment, standing in front of a dartboard isn't a good idea. It's like having to stop your car while driving over train tracks — you know you shouldn't be there for too long.