For the last twenty-four hours or so, all I've heard is how much the time change has affected everyone. It's time to set some records straight in a true "Let Me Google That For You" style. Here are the facts...


First off, let me say that Daylights Savings actually just ended for the year... Stop saying it's the start of it. It's embarrassing, and your mancard can be revoked for not knowing it. One of our laziest and most prolific founding fathers came up with the idea - Benjamin Franklin... He was not only convinced it would help save money (that's an hour of candle you don't have to burn in the evenings) but also it would allow him to sleep an hour later each day as sunrise would happen an hour later. (apparently one our countries finest inventors couldn't nail down the concept of curtains)

Second, not every country observes Daylight Savings. The majority of us daylighters are predominantly North American, Western European, and Greenland. Sure, there's a handful of countries/territories in the Southern hemisphere that practice Daylight Savings, but being on the bottom of the world, who really cares either way... The rest of the world doesn't participate, apparently the koolaid isn't good enough for them. (Talking to you Russia) Hell, two of our great states don't even observe it. Arizona and Hawaii refuse the notion of it completely, and having spent time in both, I don't blame them one bit. Not because it makes no sense, it's just that little rebel in me that can appreciate going against the grain.

Now, as to not be picking on all the little sad kitty countries and continents around the world for not observing it... ie - Russia, China, India, most of Australia, most of South America, and the bulk Africa... Most of them once did the twice a year time change, but have stopped since in lieu of staying on Daylight Savings permanently. (proving that even the most communist of countries don't mind a little Americanism in the mix)

Now that you're armed with a little information, take a stand against your fellow bro's that have been bitching about losing an hour of light... and remind them they don't get to complain about Daylight Savings until March 2014