Last week when Warner Bros. and DC announced that the 'Batman/Superman' movie would be delayed until 2016, it raised some questions. It even had some of us wonder if this was Warner's way of saying they can't win against 'The Avengers' sequel, despite having two of DC's powerhouse heroes in the same film.

This isn't the first time 'Ant-Man' has had its release date moved. The film that would initiate Marvel's Phase Three Films was originally scheduled to begin in November 2015. This was soon moved to July 31, 2015, to make way for 'Star Wars VII.'

With this move it seems Marvel knows they have won and are jumping at the opportunity to get Phase Three underway.

Marvel has also announced an untitled project for 2016 around the same time frame the 'Batman/Superman film' will be released. It's possible this unannounced title could be the 'Doctor Strange' film, but has not been confirmed.