Megan Fox, who was featured in Motorola's 2010 Super Bowl ad, isn't quite the internet-search dominating It Girl that she was three or four years ago. However she's had a nice little comeback of sorts with a role in the Judd Apatow movie 'This is 40.' And Fox is still really hot, which was the premise of Motorola's commercial.

In the spot, the 26-year-old speaks about her Motorola phone while in the bathtub. She specifically mentions Motoplayer, a feature that allows her to update all of her networks at once. Then she takes a photo of herself bathing and sends to all of these networks, triggering widespread mayhem.

Thanks to the sexy image, boys lock themselves in the bathroom. Wives slap husbands and there are industrial accidents as workers get distracted.

What do you think? Will any of 2013's Super Bowl ads be this hot?