Monday is everyone's least favorite day. You've relaxed all weekend, doing whatever it is you want to do. It's the two days each week you can be the king of your world. Then Monday has to go and screw it all up for us. Luckily, the web allows us to take a short getaway to our happy place when we need to.

My happy place is Hawaii. Anyone who's served at Schofield Barracks knows what's up. Hawaii may just be a perfect place. Relaxing beaches, a hot night life, ocean sports a plenty, and hotties that run in the thousands. I love me some Hawaii.

It took a year of looking at this pic to see the fat guy off to the left

While it's been a while since I've been to America's Pacific archipelago, I'll still whip out photos and videos to break up a long day once in a while. Monday just feels like a good time to do such a thing, so go, enjoy a few minutes in paradise on everyone's least favorite day.

North Shore Hawaii from Ryan Larson on Vimeo.