Ever since I was a young kid, I loved playing Monopoly.  It was a great way to pass the evening or weekend away.  There was always fierce competition between my brother, sister and I and who ever joined in on the game that particular day. I always enjoyed dominating the board as quickly as possible ensuring that who ever followed my would have to pay dearly if they landed on my property.  Utilities, railroads were the best.  The yellow and green properties back to back ensured that I had at least 9 properties in a row for unsuspecting people to land on.  With houses then hotels, I made a bunch of money.

There have been many games played and many sets gone through but when I heard that a new set was coming out I had to take a double look.

The Metallica version.  Yeas Metallica.    Wow.  I am used to game pieces you can follow around easily but check these tokens out.  "Kill 'Em All" hammer, "And Justice For All scales, "St. Anger Fist, "Black Album" snake, a ninja star and a "Jump in the Fire" demon.

Again. Wow.  No houses and hotels.  Players build stadiums.  This board is based on Metallica events and locations including their childhood homes.  The game is on sale today.