As Critter continually influences me to widen my gaming horizons, I am accepting the challenge as gracefully as possible. You might know, I'm not the biggest fan of any game non-Call of Duty. Not sure why, but yeah, the CoD titles are the only games I own. Taking Critter's suggestions (see: unwaivering brutal mocking) I decided to download a few games. Nothing special, just Minecraft (love it), Tomb Raider, Halo4, ect... But most games just don't stack up to the ultimates of the past. The Super Mario Bros on NES. Goldeneye 007 on N64. GTA3 on PS2. Tetris on the first-gen Gameboy. There's really nothing out there that compares. Hell, even the CoD titles have been ultra-fail since the perfection of MW2. But there is hope in 2014. There are a handful of games that I foresee everyone buying into. Here's the shortlist of what to pick up this year.