Fellow gamers rejoice as Mountain Dew's Game Fuel has returned to the shelves in celebration of the upcoming Xbox One. Of course, the classic flavor that started it all Citrus Cherry makes a return, but what of their new flavor Electrifying Berry? Does it stand up with the others?

At first it appears it could possibly be Mountain Dew Pitch Black in disguise. However, it is not the case. This is not the critically acclaimed limited addition grape soda. Instead it has a strawberry taste to it with a hint of what seems to be blueberry.

When you pop open the new flavor of Game Fuel it appears to be a rich deep purple, but further examination shows it's actually a light purple.

The actual taste of the product is what appears to be a horrible experiment gone wrong. Although the new Electrifying Berry does contain a little more caffeine and slightly less sodium than it's Citrus Berry counterpart; the impression it leaves in your mouth is certainly not the extra boost to go "one more match." Instead it leaves a unsuspecting and sneaky 'diet' taste you would find in such soda's like Diet Dr. Pepper or Diet Coke.

A "diet game fuel" beats the purpose of why many gamers would grab this carbonated beverage to begin with, staying up late and "pwning some n00bz."

For those that love the Game Fuel line, keep the tank full with the Citrus Berry flavor, and avoid the purple Electrifying Berry.

The new Electrifying Berry gets a 1/5