Images of devastation and destruction have flooded the media since Monday afternoon when an EF5 tornado ripped the through Moore carving a path two miles wide and 17 miles long. Sadly, now comes a not so new element of tragedy looters.

Today Moore police arrested two men who riffling through the remains of a family's memories and belongings. Authorities were alerted that the men were looting when neighbors witnessed the pair putting items into their pockets. When the police arrived they questioned the men who said they were looking for survivors but after speaking with witnesses the men taken into custody. The police searched a bag belonging to one of the men and found items that had been take from storms ravaged homes in the neighborhood.

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Police were also responding to looters and vandals at the Moore Medical Center that was hit directly by the EF5 tornado. At last report approximately 80 members of the National Guard had been sent to Moore, OK to help with search and rescue efforts and to help set up secure perimeters around the hardest areas to prevent wide spread looting.

If you would like to help the survivors of the Moore disaster, you can logon to the or text "REDCROSS" to 90999 and a minimum $10 donation will be made.