Last night's game (04-26-12) between the New Jersey Devils and the Florida Panthers ended in double overtime with the Devil's winning game seven (03-02) They now move on to the semi finals taking on the Philadelphia Flyers. The first game will be this Sunday (04-29-12) and should be a great match up.

The Eastern Conference has seen three game sevens in the quarter finals of the Stanley Cup Playoffs this year. The New York Rangers won last night (02-01) against the Ottawa Senators to advance and will be going up against the Washington Capitols who won their game seven against the Boston Bruins (02-01)

Here's some of the highlights from last night's game that ended in double overtime!

Since my team the Pittsburgh Penguins have been taken out of the playoffs by Philly I'm looking forward to seeing the Devils and Flyers in the semi finals. Of course I'll be rooting for New Jersey! I think it'll come down to goal tending and I'm expecting Martin Brodeur the goalie for the Devils to continue his outstanding play that we've seen in both the late season and the playoffs. With all his years of experience he certainly has the edge on  Sergei Bobrovsky of Philadelphia. In the end I'd love to see the Rangers vs New Jersey in the finals!