A New Jersey mom Patricia Krentcil, better known now as 'Tanning Mom' is in trouble for taking her five year old daughter tanning. She was arrested and charged with second degree child endangerment after her daughter complained of sunburn while in school. She was telling friends that her mom took her to the tanning salon, a teacher overheard the girl and reported it to the police.

Krentcil denies all charges and pleaded not guilty. She says her daughter goes with her to the salon but never enters the booth and that her sunburn came from playing outside. I don't buy it and neither do authorities.

Most states have laws regarding tanning salons and how old you have to be to use them. In New Jersey no one under the age of fourteen is permitted to tan at an indoor salon. Children ages fourteen to seventeen may do so but only with parental consent.

This lady is crazy as hell and obviously has problems. This goes far beyond the normal "I like to tan" all the way to the extreme of "I want to look like a f#@king leather couch".  Take a look for yourself!