Nintendo will team up with developer Tecmo Koei to create a spin-off of the beloved Zelda franchise.

The upcoming Wii U working title Hyrule Warriors, will follow everyone's favorite green-clad hero, Link as he fights hoards of enemies alongside the Hyrule Army.

From what the trailer shows the gameplay is similar to Dynasty Warriors, a hack-n-slash beat'em up Playstation exclusive title that allowed players to control generals Chinese warriors as they fight off armies alone.

The trailer also shows that Link will still be able to use many of the items that are a staple in the Zelda series in the spin-off title such as bombs, bow and arrow and The Master Sword. Link's health meter is also shown in hearts, similar to how his health is displayed in the Zelda franchise.

Nintendo has confirmed with Forbes magazine that the upcoming 2014 title is NOT the next-gen Zelda title that still currently in development. Nintendo has also stated to IGN that details for the upcoming installment of the Zelda franchise will be revealed during E3 2014.

Below is the trailer for the upcoming Hyrule Warriors: