Tonight (06-19-12) at 8:00pm the Oklahoma City Thunder are back in action taking on the Miami Heat in game four of the NBA Finials!

So far the Heat lead the series (2-1) and return in game four with the home court advantage. It's been a hard fought, extremely close contest so far as both teams are evenly matched and all three games played have been down to the buzzer.

Last game the Thunder played well in both the first and second half. This series in particular the Thunder seem to do better in the second half and usually have to make a come back. Maybe we'll see a first half like we did in game three, I'm hoping so anyway. It might take them awhile to get warmed up and going but once they do watch out!

Being a big hockey guy I have to admit I'm not much of a basketball fan, but I've really enjoyed watching the Thunder throughout the playoffs and of course the Finals. Who knows with all the support, myself included, Oklahoma City could get some more professional sports teams. Like HOCKEY preferably! It's my first choice when it comes to sports, I absolutely love hockey. Even so I still feel the need to proudly support our NBA team, that's what it's all about. I might not be a big basketball fan...I'm a big Thunder fan!

I'm looking forward to tonight and game four. One of the things that I enjoy most about watching the Thunder is my wife's reactions to the game. She's a big basketball fan and absolutely loves the Thunder. Normally she's a soft spoken, sweet and extremely shy person...Until the game comes on! She transforms into an entirely different person, and the language is shocking to say the least! My favorite quote comes from the end of game two: "F#@k you! You f#@king motherf#@ker! How the f#@k is that a F#@king foul? For f#@k's sake quit this the f#@king bulls#!t and let them play the f#@king game you stupid f#@king a$$hole!" In our twenty plus year's together I've never heard a rant quite like this...What a woman!

She's gonna kill me when she sees this! Hopefully it'll be after the game, and the Thunder wins...