What is it about the Summer Olympic games guys love so much? Is it the spirit of competition, the feats of strength and athleticism? Could it be the sportsmanship and Camaraderie among nations and participants? Or maybe it's just watching and cheering on the U.S.A.

I can't speak for the ladies, but for me it's all the athletic hard bodied women in bikini bottoms and tight fitting outfits! Sure I'm impressed by their skill and abilities, but it's an added bonus that's the Summer games vs Winter games meaning less clothing!

One of the most anticipated Summer games is women's volleyball! The reason should be obvious to everyone, at least those of us with albedo. Sadly this year's event was derailed by the use of full coverage body suits worn by the teams. What the hell! Really? Well we still have plenty of field and track events, diving, swimming, field hockey and other assorted events were clothing is a hindrance!

Meet Michelle Jenneke a superstar hurdler who's unusual, better yet, sexy pre-race warm ups are legendary!

Then there's Ivet Lalova who's probably our favorite sprinter of all time! While neither of these women are currently involved with this year's Olympic Summer games they both clearly show the reason why we men are so interested! Sure the winter games are cool, but the Summer games are hot!