The rivalry continues. It was a  fight and a hockey game broke out! If you missed Monday nights game between the New York Rangers and the New Jersey Devils you missed one hell of a game! It was the opening face off, three seconds into the contest and before the puck could hit the ice a three fight rumble started. It was an all out fist flying free for all! Stu Bickel vs Ryan Carter,  Brandon Prust vs Cam Janssen and Michael Rupp vs Eric Boulton. Three fights all at the same time!

In my opinion, you can watch it for yourself but I think the Rangers came out on top winning the fights and the game (4-2) I can't even imagine what's going to happen the next time these two teams play each other. It'll be worth watching that's for sure, Armageddon on ice!

This is why I love hockey! For me it's the greatest and toughest organized professional team sport around, hands down. Just imagine if football, baseball and basketball allowed fighting. There would be a lot less show-boating and s#!t talking that's for sure! If you're not a fan of hockey, watch this and you will be.