Sweet, sweet revenge! Prankster Tom Mabe pulled the ultimate prank recently with this bait box full of exploding poo. If you've ever had a package stolen from your front doorstep you know all too well how mad and disappointing it is. Unfortunately I've fallen victim to package theft a few times over the past couple of months. Waiting for my order then realizing it's been stolen then having to go through all the heartache and headache of re-ordering.

Sometimes I've even had to re-purchase items because the company I ordered from said they've delivered it and if it got stolen it's on me, not them to replace. It's enough to piss you off. Well after having a few packages stolen off the front porch I saw this video and I'm seriously considering building my own bait box. Sadly the way the world works I'd be sued for doing it! But it's almost as good to see it happen to someone else even if it's not the thief that stole my packages.