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Police Taser Woman Destroying Taco Bell Restaurant [VIDEO]
This lady lost it at a Taco Bell and started destroying the place. That's when police showed up and ended her rampage with the use of a taser. I have to just it's very satisfying to watch and her garbled screams and yelling, flopping around on the ground like a fish while being shocked is …
Uma Thurman’s Car Crash on the Set of Kill Bill [VIDEO]
This footage has been buried for the past 15 years and was just released. Watch as Uma Thurman crashes her car during filming on the set of Kill Bill Vol. 1 directed by Quentin Tarantino. She suffered permanent damage to her neck due to the accident.
Timmy’s Dying Wish a Five Second Short Film [VIDEO]
Another winner from 5secondfilms YouTube channel! Watch this epic magnum opus of film making simply titled: "Timmy's Dying Wish." It's a moving, sweeping journey of the human condition, love, family, life, desperation and a dying child's wish that's sure to hit …

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