Okay...I want one! I saw a picture of this 'Panda Dog' and thought "How in the world did they bread a dog to look like that?" Well, they didn't. Here's how they do it.

Pet shops in China are selling out of 'Panda Dogs' as the country goes crazy for dogs made to look like bears. Despite their appearance, the dogs are not a bizarre new breed but common Chows which have undergone a cosmetic makeover.

Using what is advertised as "pet friendly" hair dye, dogs are being dyed to look like pandas. The grooming can cost up to $300 and only lasts for about 6 weeks. "Extreme grooming", as it is called, is nothing new, there are lots of pictures of very bizarre looking dogs and cats all over the internet. CLICK HERE to see some.  I don't think I would EVER groom my pet to look anything like these. Good GRIEF!

Here is what a "panda dog" looks like after it is groomed

And because it's just funny and makes me laugh every time I watch it. Here is a baby panda sneezing! Try not to laugh!