On the eve that Lawton-Fort Sill came together in support of the Armed Services YMCA, over 300 miles to the Southwest tragedy struck in the city of Midland, TX at a parade honoring veterans.  A flatbed trailer carrying wounded veterans was crossing a set of train tracks around 430pm when a Union Pacific train slammed into the flatbed carrying the veterans who were being taken to a charity event in their honor. Spectators watched in horror the locomotive blew hits horn and applied its breaks to avoiding hitting the flatbed trailer. Sadly, the train was unable to come to a stop. Witnesses told authorities that they never saw the crossing arms lower or did not here the crossing bells.

Some of the veterans tried to jump or push their friends and significant others from the trailer moments before impact. Two people were killed on impact and two later died a local hospital. Seventeen others have been reported as injured some, at last report, were in critical condition.