Last night (04-15-12) was game three of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Eastern Conference quarterfinals between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Philadelphia Flyers. The Flyers now lead the series 3-0 leaving little room for the Pens to advance unless they can pull it together and sustain a wining strategy that includes holding on to the lead. So far Pittsburgh has been unable to play three full periods of hockey, they start strong and finish horribly.

Going into the playoffs Pittsburgh were the team to beat. We're still waiting to see that team everyone talked about and that we witnesses during the regular season. Hopefully the Penguins will start playing to their full potential. They're a better team than this, or so I thought. Here's some of the highlights from last night's game:

Despite being a blow out and the Pens taking yet another loss, there was still plenty for Pittsburgh fans to get excited about. Whenever these two teams meet it's always worth watching, regular season or playoffs. The rivalry between them is very much alive and well. Last night we saw tons of great hits, aggressive play style and of course killer fights!

Game four will be this Wednesday (04-18-12) at 6:30pm CST on NBC-SN You'll want to be tuned in for what's sure to be an ass kickin' good time guaranteed! If the Pens lose one more they're out of the playoffs. It's going to be a great game!