Last night the Pittsburgh Penguins finally won a game in the Stanley Cup Playoffs against the Philadelphia Flyers. It was do or die as the Pens hit the ice in game four, just one more loss and they were out. We finally saw them play a full three periods of hockey as they dominated the Flyers (10-03).The past three games the Penguins would take an early lead only to lose it as Philadelphia would come back and come back strong. This time once they got the go ahead goal they kept the lead throughout the game.

Pittsburgh played a great game and we're starting to see the late season team that everyone's been talking about. When the playoffs started the Pens were an early favorite and the team to beat. Last night they played like they were possessed! Philly was plagued by poor goal tending the entire game, the Penguins took full advantage of it and all the penalty minutes. Check out the highlights from game four: