Critter's critters...We had some special guests in the studio last week, a pair of pygmy goats. These little guys are as cool as they come and smart too. I don't know why but for the past several weeks all I've talked about is owning a black pygmy goat that I'll call T, or Goat-T! They make really good pets.

Well after driving my co-workers nuts with all the pygmy goat talk and all the things me and my new friend would do, Nancy Mace from My 107 and KLAW 101 called a friend who raises pygmy goats to arrange a meeting at the studios.

I'm trying to convince the boss that having a pygmy goat as an office mascot is a great ideal. I'd love to come to work and have a pet at the office, especially a pygmy goat named Goat-T! Even my family is warming up to the ideal. At first the wife thought I was crazy, then she saw the pictures and video. Now she's thinking it would be a great pet, the kids are as goat crazy as I am so it's only a matter of time before we hear the pitter-patter of cloven hoofs in the house!