Chances are, at least one person on your Facebook feed has shared, liked, or commented on the latest "breakthrough" in defense ammunition. The so-called "R.I.P." cartridge.

Yes, it looks incredibly devastating. Yes, it's shows itself to be incredibly devastating. Yes, it's completely intimidating. But no... There's is no actual science being thrust to the forefront of this design idea.

RatedRR goes ahead and slays some fruit and gel, along with everyday objects for the sake of science. He's put out a ton of slow-mo videos over this past week with this ammo. The only reason I'm hitting up the one and only playlist is this... The only change is the media he's shooting at. Same gun, same ammo, different target. You'll catch all that yourself.

The real question I have about this ammo is one that every gun owner should ask themselves... Will this new ammunition put me at a greater liability to those around me?

Before you go off on some extremely right wing tangent... The liability lays with what happens after the shot. You can see the crown of flechette's come flying out of the fruit and gel at some serious velocities. They do just as they're designed, they spread out.

If you remember, it's one of the reasons self defense ammo went the way of hollow-points. Yes, JHP ammunition is devastating, but when the hits and mushrooms out, it passes all of that energy off to whatever it hits... Thus greatly reducing the chance of hitting a bystander.

The science I want to see is kinetic energy grades for these copper shards of shrapnel after exiting a media. G2 Research will inevitably get around to it, but as they're aiming for police use, I just can't get past the liability question.

Either way, it's still pretty badass.