With the World Cup going on and everyone jumping on the soccer bandwagon this video couldn't have come at a better time. See how ridiculous soccer fouls can be if they happened in real life. I can't pretend to know anything about the sport, I've tried to watch a few games or matches but just can't seem to get into it. For me it's too slow and lacking in any real action. I find it funny though how soccer players attempt to draw penalties.

The thing I don't like about soccer is that it's not hockey! I hate to say it but soccer bores the hell out of me. Sure there's a lot of athleticism but no real action to speak of. Most of the violence in soccer is with the fans, not on the field. I like a little more contact with my sports, actually a lot more contact! Soccer players always pretend they're hurt, hockey players pretend they're not. So what would it be like if soccer fouls occurred in real life?