It's an ambitious project that could prove to be really fun with endless possibilities, but something doesn't seem right.

A new gaming company by the name of Pixyul - a studio created by two former Ubisoft developers want have set out to create a open-world survival game with the entire world down to scale as your playground. This game is known as ReRoll.

Sounds like it could be fun right? Well the game is nowhere near playable and the world is not completely mapped yet. What concerns many people is the fact that the company wants you to buy character packs in advance to help support build the game.

There's also no way to show where the progress of the game is going, it's like you're blindly throwing money on an idea that may or may not happen. What if the idea tanks? Are the donors going to receive a refund of some kind?

The old saying "If it's too good to be true, it often is" comes to mind when seeing ReRoll. It's a great idea, especially with open-world survival games being the "it" thing for the next couple years. However with no real financial backing, the ex-Ubisoft name to back it up and asking for gamers to donate with no real progress indicator, I think I may just step back from this one and just wait to see what unfolds with this title.

Trailer looks nice though.