You’re never too old to learn.

A retired couple that’s been married for 51 years is certainly proving that by going back to school.

Harold and Frances Gates have enrolled at Lone Star College in Kingwood, Texas and are currently rocking perfect 4.0 GPAs.

When it comes to what he’s most excited about regarding their endeavor, Harold says, "Probably for the self-satisfaction that I'll have a degree,"

The couple, who went to high school together, got engaged on the night of their senior prom and never looked back. They both got jobs and raised their family, leaving the chance for their own education behind.

Now, these two great-grandparents have retired, so they decided to listen when their daughter encouraged them to go back to school. They’re both on track to get their associate’s degrees next year, which leads to the next question: what will they do then?

Harold said, ""Well, we'll wake up one morning and we'll find the next challenge."