This weekend the Reverends are coming to Tulsa. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are expected to give speeches and lead public meetings concerning the shooting rampage in Tulsa over the Easter weekend that left  three black men dead and two wounded.

Tulsa police have already apprehended the shooters Jake England and Alvin Watts and their ball has been set at $9.1. There's little to no chance these two will get out on bail, or ever see daylight again for that matter. So what happened and why did these two commit this terrible crime?

Reports are surfacing that England's father was shot and killed by a black man a few years ago and supposedly that's the motive behind the recent shooting, revenge. Maybe I could understand, or at least somewhat understand if England had sought his revenge by killing his father's killer. That might be a terrible thing to say, but it makes more sense than driving around Tulsa neighborhoods and shooting random people who happen to be black.

More than likely murder one and other charges will be brought against both men. Was it a hate crime? That's the question that law enforcement, community and civil rights leaders along with everyone else wants to know.

As soon as I heard the news of this terrible tragedy I immediately said "Well I'm sure we'll be seeing Sharpton and Jackson in Tulsa any day now." Between the Trayvon Martin case in Sanford, FL. and now the triple homicide in Tulsa, OK. American is growing further a part and dividing along racial lines.

In my opinion Sharpton and Jackson are partly to blame. It's like throwing kerosine on a fire! Whenever these two show up it seems that things go from bad to worse. I don't doubt these men think they're doing good but maybe they could help more by staying the hell out of it. By fanning the flames they do very little, other than inciting more racial tension and intolerance. That's been their track record so far anyway.

No one's right 100% of the time but Sharpton and Jackson have a dismal rating when it comes to making  objective judgements of others and being able to apply justice and truth equally without prejudice. Remember the Duke lacrosse case? In their haste to champion civil rights they continually trample the rights of others. I just don't see how having these two in Tulsa will be beneficial in any way.

So what's your opinion about Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson?