Fort Sill Public Affairs Office - Keith Pannell reports Fort Sill’s 1st Battalion, 17th Field Artillery will be firing 155mm rounds from M109 Paladin howitzers on Quanah Range near Indiahoma early Tuesday morning.

What makes this different from any other 155mm fire mission is, for the first time at Fort Sill, six of these rounds will be Rocket Assisted Projectile rounds. The RAP rounds are 155mm rounds that have a rocket motor attached to them that ignite about seven seconds after the round is fired.

Residents of Indiahoma and Cache may notice louder-than-normal noise levels occasionally between 1-6 a.m. Tuesday, Thursday and May 7. The charge needed to fire the rounds is large and will be loud. The RAP rounds are fired early in the morning because regulations require that no other unit be on the range when the RAP rounds are used.

Fort Sill regrets any inconvenience this necessary, realistic training may cause to our neighbors in Indiahoma and Cache.