We've got BUSH! Well, we did have Bush anyway. I know, I know "About damn time Critter". Bush played Friday night (05-24-13) on the 'Main Stage' here at Rocklahoma 2013 and I'm just now getting around to putting all the pictures up. I suck, I'll admit it! But, in my defense it's awful hard to want to work when there's always something going on, a band on stage somewhere, people stopping by and not to mention all the non-stop partying! Sucks to be me, I know!

Gavin Rossdale and the guys are still touring in support of 2011's 'Sea of Memories'. They plan to begin working on a new album soon, in the meantime they just released 'Bush Live from Austin, Texas.' Recorded live from their sold out show at Stubb's in Austin, Texas. Get all the details about that and more at their official site: www.bushofficial.com

Last night they played all your favorites: 'Machinehead', 'Glycerine', 'Comedown', 'The Sound of Winter' off the new disk and a hell of a lot more! They even took a moment to address the Moore tornado victims and offer their sympathy and support! Check out the photos of Bush live on the 'Main Stage' at this year's festival:

Bush live on the 'Main Stage' at Rocklahoma 2013

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