Scorpion Child opened up the show here at Rocklahoma 2013 on the 'Hard Rock' stage for Day three. A five piece rock n' roll Juggernaut out of Austin, Texas  that leveled the stage in a blues, rock, metal, punk, thrash infused mix that people are still talking about. It you missed 'em you missed it! An audio assault that I would describe as 21st century classic rock and metal. A unique blend that transcends genres and labels. Sure they've got influences, but a sound all their own. You'll be hearing them soon on Z94 that's for damn sure!

They just got signed to Nuclear Blast Records and their major label self titled debut will be out on Tuesday, June 25th 2013 (06-25-13) You can get a sneak peak of the new disk with the first single 'Polygon Of Eyes' at the official site, Check it out here! Take a look at the band live in action on the 'Hard Rock' stage at this year's Rocklahoma!

Scorpion Child live on the 'Hard Rock' Stage at Rocklahoma 2013

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