It's finally been released on DVD and Blu-Ray 'The Avengers' is in stores now! While the Avengers aren't my favorite super hero team, that title belongs to the X Men and has since I was a kid. I will say the Avengers movie is my favorite super hero team movie. Did that make sense?

Rarely does a film really live up to it's hype, but this one's certainly an exception. I had heard all the rave reviews from critics and more importantly friends and family. I was told repeatedly that this was the greatest  super hero team movie ever made. After weeks of enduring all the hype I finally went to the theater and was blown away! Since then I've been impatiently waiting for  this day when it would be released for home theater.

You can bet I'll be watching it tonight! There's several different versions of the release available including the two disc Blu-ray/DVD combo pack, a four disc 3D Blu-ray combo pack (it also includes the 2D Blu-ray and standard DVD version plus a digital copy and music download disc) There's also a single disc DVD version. Not only that, depending on where you purchase your copy you'll get additional bonus materials!

I love this movie! I'm a fan for sure, but I have to admit that the guys at that do all those funny 'Honest Movie Trailers' did an amazing and hilarious job with their recent parody of 'The Avengers'.

Basically Screen Junkies re-do the official trailer, add in a few additional scenes and re-cut the announcer parts to create a semi-review of the movie that pokes fun at all the faults and story lines. This one's TRULY EPIC!