The Halloween season is upon us! While some would say Halloween is a one day event, not a season, others like myself celebrate all month long. There's entirely too much to do and too many traditions and activities to fit into just one day. For me and my family It takes all of October to really appreciate the holiday and make the most out of everything Halloween has to offer. With all the horror movies to watch, candy, parties and of course pranks!

One of the greatest things about Halloween is being able to scare people and pull tasteless, childish, horrifying pranks on anyone and everyone within range! It's a part of the holiday as far as I'm concerned and most would agree, unless of course you fall victim to a scare prank. Even then it's all in good fun, especially when it's done right! Watch as a couple of devious and demented seasoned pros, Roman and Dennis of Sketch Empire hit the streets with their severed head!