There's a dangerous and potentially deadly new trend among teenagers! They're drinking hand sanitizer to catch a buzz and get drunk. Health experts are worried this could become more widespread and popular throughout the entire nation. But is it a full blown epidemic yet?

So far as many as 2,600 teens in California have been hospitalized due to alcohol poisoning and other health related issues from drinking hand sanitizer. More and more cases are being reported throughout the country as this new trend spreads from state to state.

Most hand sanitizer contain around 62% ethyl alcohol, when filtered and processed it creates a 120 proof drink that people, especially teens are using to get intoxicated. What really sucks is just like cold and flu medications that we used to get over the counter, now require a prescription because people abuse them or make other drugs out of them.

Same goes for other household products that have been taken off store shelves, recalled or reformulated due to people's misuse. Every couple of years a few dumb asses get together and do something like this and we all pay the price for it.