Chris Barnes and the boys are back! The wait is finally over for the new disk from death metal juggernauts Six Feet Under! They just released their ninth full length studio album 'Undead' on Metal Blade Records. It's in stores and online now ready for your listening pleasure. Ask for it by name, you won't be disappointed!

'Undead' is a frenzied and savage sonic assault that possesses all the elements of what you've come to expect from Six Feet Under and stretches it to the breaking point. The maturity and clarity in sound is obvious, their overall development in technique and style continue to inspire death metal bands and fans alike.

Every artist comments "it's one our best yet" when discussing a new project, in this case it's true. 'Undead' will certainly have an enduring place among the Six Feet Under catalog and will rank high even when compared to previous albums. We all have our favorites, get ready to add another one!

Legendary frontman Chris Barnes comments: "I'm super excited about the new record. It's a rejuvenation, it's a rebirth of Six Feet Under, and fans will definitely latch on to my excitement and how focused I am in the lyrics I've written."

Not only a new album, Six Feet Under have a new rhythm guitarist Ola Englund he kind of replaces Rob Arnold. I say kind of because Arnold is still in the band just not touring. Chris Barnes explains it this way: "Ola is an amazing guitarist and was chosen for his superlative technique and style of playing. We believe he will be the perfect complement to Steve Swanson, and the devastating rhythm section that is Talley/Hughell. Steve, Kevin, Jeff and myself are so looking forward to Ola's entrance into the band upon the release of Undead and the commencement of our first tour next month with Dying Fetus and Revocation. We can't wait for you to witness the new killing machine that is SIX FEET UNDER! Ola takes over duties for our good friend and death metal warrior Rob Arnold who will be retiring from touring but will remain a central writing partner and fellow collaborator on future SFU releases. We are all sad to not have Rob on the road with us, but are confidant and 110% psyched that Ola is now within the ranks of the Undead and will be ready to lay waste to every stop along the way! Hails!"

Looking forward to seeing them on the 18 Nights Of Blood Tour this summer. Hopefully we'll pick up a date somewhere near by like OKC, Tulsa or the Metro-Plex because right now Houston and El Paso are the closest locations to us.

Check out the new lyric video for '18 Days' from Six Feet Under's latest album 'Undead'.