We were talking about Volbeat today, and just how insanely awesome they are. I understand, this probably isn't news to you... but it more than likely is to one friend everyone has that's like three years behind on current culture. I was almost that guy...

A year or so ago, I was sitting around putting a trigger job on my cousins rifle when he mentioned some new band out from Denmark. Knowing my cousins extremely eclectic taste in music, I start to prepare my ears for "another Northern European death metal band"... You know, the type of rockers that mix kittens in album art dressed up like Pat Boone from his one metal year... And the track hits the speakers

Out comes "Still Counting" and as the track plays, the more I dig the unique sound. I've talked hours with Critter about how to classify Volbeat into a genre of music, but it can't be done. Rock, metal, ska, pop, blues, early American country, rockabilly, melodic, ect... Share this awesomeness with that one person you know that is lagging on that department before they rage quit over to Bieber