In the Spring Training capital of America commonly known as Surprise, AZ a man has been stopped ten times by police because he looks intoxicated. Check out the video and find the other reasons why this man was pulled over.

Jessie Thorton was driving after running errands and doing some laps at the LA Fitness pool when he noticed that a police patrol car was signaling him to pull over. Jessie complied and when the officer approached Jessie's car the officer said he had pulled Mr. Thorton over for crossing the white line and proceeded to ask if Mr. Thorton had consumed any alcohol or taken any sort of drugs. Mr. Thorton said no he had just finished working out at LA Fitness the officer then replied by stating that he could tell Mr. Thorton was lying and in fact was some form inebriated because Mr. Thorton's eyes were bloodshot. Again, Mr. Thorton explained that he had been swimming and the chlorine from the pool was bothering his eyes.

Being a studious officer of the law the patrolman asked Jessie to step out of his car and perform a field sobriety test. Jessie said he would have to defer the test and go right to the breathalyzer because he has a bad hip that was scheduled for surgery in two days. Jessie passed the breathalyzer and was even given narcotics test which he passed. Jessie was released from the scene but was still given a citation. Afterwards, Mr. Thorton received a letter from the Arizona DMV stating his license had been suspended because the incident. This isn't the first time Mr. Thorton has pulled over in fact he has been stopped ten times total. See why Jessie feels he is being pulled over and what he is planning to do next.