The best defense against a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Maybe it's just me but I'll never understand why a person would willfully and purposefully place themselves, their love ones and  everyone else around them in a state of utter defenselessness. I just don't get it, nor do I get the anti-gun movement. Sure it's your right as is my right to keep and bear arms!

Luckily I live in a state who's elected officials recognize, uphold and defend our God given and Constitutional rights. Recently there have been a number of pro-gun bills introduced in the Oklahoma Legislature that would further the 2nd Amendment rights of Oklahoma citizens including:

H.B. 1439 / State Representative Steve Vaughan (R-37) Expanding the rights of owners, managers or employees of a business to use force, including deadly force in self defense against an attacker.

H.B. 1553 / State Representative Sally Kern (R-84) Strike prohibitions against concealed carry licensees in structures, buildings or offices owned or leased by a city, town, county or the state. Bill would strike prohibitions against carrying in public meetings of elected or appointed officials.

H.B. 2126 / State Representative Jeff Hickman (R-58) Allow carry permit holders to carry concealed firearms on the campuses of technology centers, with permission of center's administrators.

S.B. 856 / State Representative Steve Russell (R-45) Allow for lawful carrying of a firearm that is wholly or partially visible.

S.B. 858 / State Representative Steve Russell (R-45) Allow Carry permit holders to carry concealed firearms on college or university property.

Legislative descriptions and details provided by NRA-ILA www.nraila.org

It's great news for the good guys and not so good news for the bad guys. It's certainly no secret that yours truly absolutely adores firearms. I not only promote, endorse and advocate responsible, lawful and safe gun ownership, handling and marksmanship I practice it, regularly. My God given right to self defense and my Constitutional right to keep and bear arms are something I take quite seriously. Any person who views my rights as debatable, questionable, erasable or deniable I find despicable! It's way overdue, stop persecuting citizens and start prosecuting criminals! Looks like Oklahoma legislators get it. The more law abiding armed citizens we have the better. God bless and pass the ammo!